Green Builder

Price: $59

This online Green Builder course is suitable for anyone who loves rhythm, no matter if you are a beginner without music background or an aspiring musician interested in picking up drumming (without a drum set!).

  • Master basic grooves and patterns in 60 minutes, across 8 episodes
  • Make rhythm with everyday items at home
  • Learn to build a simple green drum with recyclable materials
  • Get priority access with discounted rates to our advanced physical green drumming lessons


How do I sign up for the courses?

You will need an account to sign up and register for courses. The steps are simple! Just create an account at https://beataboxonline.com/register/ and follow the steps to activate your account!

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How do I view courses I have signed up?

All courses are pre-recorded and accessible from your dashboard! Just log in to your account and view the courses available from your dashboard. 

Click the course title you have registered for and select the lesson and topic to get started! Take note that videos are streamed over the Internet and you will need an active Internet connection to view the videos.